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One year since Sapphire died.

It still seems like it happened a month or two ago. How could it possibly be a year already?

And yet so much has happened in that year. I'm in a totally different place, physically and mentally, than last October. It's been a wild ride of a year.

I spent a great deal of my life saying I couldn't imagine a life without Sapphire. That I couldn't comprehend of a world without her in it. And I still can't. Yet somehow I've lived an entire year without a haughty Siamese judging me and putting me in my place. I just doesn't seem real.

I still have Jade, and she's as lovable and affectionate as always. And now we have Goldie, who is the perfect addition to our family and every day I'm thankful we adopted her.

But no one will ever replace Sapphire. She was one hell of a cat, and there will never be another one quite like her.

I love you, Sapphire. I hope that wherever you are, you have a sunny spot to sleep in, plenty of tuna, and enough minions to do your bidding. I hope you're looking down on me disapprovingly, knowing I could do better if you were there to keep me in line.

I can't think of a clever way to end this entry. I wanted to write something that sums up how I feel about Sapphire and how much I miss her and how I will always love her and I'll never have another cat like her and nothing will ever replace her....but how do you condense all that into a single sentence?

I just want her back.


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