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So, I'll be in Seattle this summer.

My grad school program requires a summer internship, and through an enormous stroke of luck I managed to land an internship at the Wing Luke Museum, which is an amazing museum focused on Asian-American experiences. I'll be working on a project to bring more women's stories into their historic spaces, and I'm super excited. My sister lives about a half hour away, too, so I'll be nice to be near her for the summer.

I'm also very nervous; we're trying to find housing for the summer, and Seattle is quite expensive. And we can't bring the cats, so we're trying to find someone to take care of them for a few months. Rory's coming with me (yay!), but he has to find a summer job (boo!). So there's a lot going on, plus all the hecticness of the end of the semester...15-page research papers on museum administration are really my dream come true *rolls eyes*.

It's so weird to think I'm almost done with my first year of graduate school.

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That sounds like a fantastic adventure; I'm so happy for you! Good luck with the logistical details. And the research paper (fun times).

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Here via [ profile] copperbadge's post.

Congrats Omedetou on your internship.

I love the Wing Luke Museum.
I'm a Sansei Nikkei. I'm in Portland, Oregon, but both my mother and father grew up in Seattle (pre-WWII). Most of the family moved back there but, my branch ended up a bit to the south. I used to visit a lot when I was younger, but the last time was a couple of years ago.

It's cool that your project is concentrating on Asian-American women.
You might want to google Barbara Setsu Pickett (my sister). She recently (mostly) retired as head of the Fiber Arts Dept. at the University of Oregon in Eugene. She's done tons of work to revitalize the making of handmade silk velvet, and she's done research on it all over the world (including Japan).

I will friend your LJ, and hope to hear how your summer goes.


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